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Evergreen Terrace is a 33 unit Condominium Community on Dixie Dr.  Evergreen Terrace is a community of permanent residents as well as students.  Evergreen is a quiet community and is friendly to people and pets alike.  Evergreen is close to shopping and all three colleges and universities.  

Pool Policies

Pet Policies

Parking Policies

Evergreen Terrace has plenty of parking for all residents.  Every unit has at least one spot in front of their unit.  Additional spots are across from the main spot and are actually grass parking in front of building D.  Building B and D has some additional spots down the entrance road.  Buildings E and F has some tight parking but there are additional spots down the exit road for these two buildings.  Please be courteous to other owners and allow each other one spot up front.  We don't have assigned parking at this time but this could be implemented in the future. 

Welcome to Evergreen Terrace

Evergreen Terrace is a pet friendly community.  There is plenty of green space to walk you pet.  However there are some requirements for an pet friendly community.  Pets should be walked on a leash, and you must clean up pet excrement from the green areas.  A plastic grocery bag works very well.  Please then dispose of the excrement properly either in the dumpster or your home trash can.

Pool Policies are posted at the pool.  Besides these policies it also should be noted that dogs are not allowed in the pool.  This is bad for the pool and bad for your dog.  Dog skin soaks up a lot of chlorine which depletes the pool and dries out their skin.  It is not good for you dog.  Also if you do bring adult bevarages to the pool, please no glass containers.  The code to get into the pool is 545.