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Kirby Management Group

For any exterior changes including doors and windows please contact the management company with your plans to be reviewed by the AC Committee

Paint Colors Are: Rustic Brown for the exterior paint and Hunter Green for the Doors

The best way to match is to take an up close picture to your local paint store as the names have changed over the years.

Mowing / Landscaping

The association is responsible for mowing of all yards not enclosed by a fence as well as the maintenance of the hedges.  If you would like to have flower beds or different shrubbery around your unit please have it approved by the AC Committee.  You will then be responsible for that particular landscaping maintenance.  Please advise management so that management can advise the landscape company.

Architectural Control Committee


The Pool is for residents and their guests only.  Please do not allow other neighborhood visitors in the pool if you are there when they come by.  They tend to not care because it's not their pool.  They then damage the pool house and lifesaving equipment.  Be responsible.