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Kirby Management Group

The pet policy is no dogs over 40lbs in any unit.  This is a combined total if you have more than one dog.  Also you are required to pick up after your dog.  It  is rude to other residents if you don't pick up.  If you have tenants please include this pet policy in your lease.  


There are two parking spots for each unit.  You and your guest can use your spots but please don't use other units spots unless you have discussed it with them first. 

​Pool Policies

Wood Ridge Condominiums

The pool at Wood Ridge is for residents and guest only.  The pavilion of the pool can be used by residents for parties and gatherings.  There is a $100 deposit to use the pavilion and a $15 fee.  The deposit will be returned after a cleaning inspection.  Please contact Danny at kirbymanager@gmail.com  

​Pet Policies